SOooo, I’m having a mid-college crisis…. LOL. Here’s the rant: (from the beginning of my thoughts)

I love Neuroscience. But they do not let average students into med school. So, what should I switch to? Psychology? That could work. (A few days later….) I love you. That’s it. I am tired of fighting it. As I grow up, I begin to realize there really is not reason to hide it. I don’t care. We always try to hide what we could be ashamed of and I’m not ashamed of it anymore. It’s part of me. So whatever. And I hide it because I don’t understand it either. I don’t understand any of it. I am SOOOO bad with people, the worst. But science. I am GREAT at science. But you can’t associate people with science. This is why psychology (in my eyes) is a bullshit science. You can’t put people’s thoughts and emotions into science. You can’t categorize those. I can’t switch to psychology. The fuck…. 
But damnit, what would I do if I didn’t do neuro…………….

I’m freaking the fuck out. But it’s totally fine. Totally fine. I’ll figure it out.